Experience Puerto Rico!

Come with us and explore the natural wonders that Puerto Rico has to offer. We’ll take you on a journey to a cave in volcanic rock located in the town of Arecibo. Your vacation will be memorable since you will be amazed with the scenery for photos and videos to share with your friends and family. There are petroglyphs (carvings in the walls) made hundreds of years ago by the Taino Indians (Puerto Rico’s Aboriginal Natives), and several Hollywood’s featured movies like Pirates of the Caribbean have been filmed there. You won’t want to miss this iconic land mark and still have time to relax in your hotel pool!


Cueva del Indio

Cave Day

Imagine standing where they filmed the extremely popular Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and looking at 500+ year old petroglyphs!


North Coast

Moments for a lifetime

Explore Cueva del Indio and Gozalandia waterfall, with a local hiker and convenient pickup and drop-off at your San Juan hotel.

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer, so do we!

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